Visit the lynx

Av Langedrag Naturpark | 07.02.2012 19:23

DSC_0037_R__2301Gaupe sleiker seg (2) web


At Langedrag you can join us inside the lynx enclosure where we have 5 lynxes. We have 2 females and 3 male that are called Leif, Fantomen, Hugin, Mira and Ingerid.

Accompanied by an experienced guide inside the lynx enclosure it is possible to get very close to our lynxes safely, but of course no one is able to stroke or touch them. If conditions allow you will be able to spend around 30 minutes inside the enclosure.

Age limit over 15 years only.

Price, nok 400 per person.

Combined price with wolf enclosure visit, nok 800.