Dog sledding

Av Langedrag Naturpark | 07.02.2012 19:54

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We offer dog sledding in both winter and summer (using a special cart in summer). 

Price, summer

Children       Nok 150

Adults           Nok 250

Price, winter

Children        Nok 200
Adults           Nok 350

We appreciate very much the pre-booking of dog sledding. Call our office any day between 9am and 4pm on (0047)  32 74 25 50.


Tour option 1.

4km track, 20/30 mins. Price with adult driver/passenger in sled nok 350, child in sled up to 15 years, nok 150. Children under 3 accompanied by a paying adult are free.


Tour option 2.

Long tour, 12 km track in the mountains. Price Nok 1000 per person.

Group bookings.

Join us inside the wolf enclosure and experience the wolf pack at close quarters, (15 years old or over only). The tour is for approximately 1 hour.

We will sit around a camp fire to hear stories and information on dog sledding with some warm food and drink. The day ends with a 30 minute tour on our own dog sled driven by an experienced driver.  

Price for group, nok 1200 per person. Including entrance to park, wolf enclosure tour, light snack and dog sledding.

Dog sledding can also be arranged outside of planned days and can be arranged on weekdays too.

We happily arrange for companies or businesses. We recommend combining dog sledding with a tour inside the wolf enclosure.

We light the fire at our camp fire place with comfy benches and cosy reindeer skins and all can take part in the exciting atmosphere as the dogs get ready for a trip in the mountains.

Pre-booking or call (0047) 32 74 25 50.  

At Langedrag you can join us inside the lynx enclosure where we have 5 lynxes. We have 2 females and 3 male that are called Leif, Fantomen, Mira, Ingrid and Hugin. 

Accompanied by an experienced guide inside the lynx enclosure it is possible to get very close to our lynxes safely, but of course no one is able to stroke or touch them. If conditions allow you will be able to spend around 40 minutes inside the enclosure.

Age limit over 15 years only.

Price, nok 400 per person. (nok 300 if you stay over at Langedrag)

Combined price with wolf enclosure visit, nok 800.