What happens in winter at Langedrag?

Even tho summer is a beautiful season here at Langedrag Naturpark, it is actually more magical in winter! Trust us!
The snow capped mountain tops, sunlight touching the snow crystals everywhere you look, and snow covered trees and the forest floor full of tracks.. do we need to go on?

Well we do have more actually, as in wintertime, we have some activities which can only be done in winter. And here are some that stand out:


Decide the length of the dogsled-ride from a short- to a four hour-adventure
Short trip (ca. 20min)
Really feel the power of the dogs while you are traveling through a winter wonderland.

Horse and carriage

Take a relaxed ride through the area around Langedrag and create that winter mood.
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Snowracer after a horse

Get pulled around by a real Norwegian fjord horse while you sit on your snowracer! This so much fun, not only for kids!
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This is such a great time to stay a few days with us! Because during the late hours of the day or early mornings, before the sun gets up, the stars are shining brighter like you wouldn’t believe. The low light pollution gives you a view you wont get a lot of places these days. And if you are lucky, the northern lights will dance for you! So bring your cameras. During Christmastime we will put on a traditional christmas-show, with santas little helpers, horses, visit from santa with surprises for the kids and so much more! The first weekend of December will be extra special, visit us to find out why!

Did you know?

There are very good chances for northern lights here at Langedrag Naturpark! Bring your camera for some amazing pictures during winter.

Fjording med utsikt

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