More than 20 activities to experience all year around

Want to try horseback riding?

The Fjord horse is our pride and we would like you to experience the diversity and beauty of this great horse.

Do you want to go on a ride with our huskies? Or maybe visit them and cuddle?

Langedrag has over 30 Alaskan Huskies and would like to bring you with us to show the huskys incredible strength, endurance and good temperament. There are two things huskies love – running and cuddling.

As long as there is enough snow, we offer dog sledding of different lengths.

The summer is hot for the huskies, so we have a slightly reduced offer, but we can offer carriage rides on the coldest days or in the evening. We also have a mountain hike with Husky where you can walk your own husky and feel the stringht and how much they love your attention.

Every afternoon all year round we have Huskycamp where you can meet one of our dog handlers and learn more about the Husky and meet all our huskies!

In the autumn, the main foundation is laid for a good winter season – we start autumn training gently in August and expands slowly while it gets colder in the weather. Try yourself as a real dog driver and learn a lot about dogsledding with our “autumn training” trips.

Come with us in to the wolves

One of our most unique experiences is a visit to the wolves. Join an experienced guide to our three wolves and get to know their language – and maybe get to know yourself a bit better aswell..

We have got a special offet to those who wants to visit both the wolves and the lynx.

Walk with our lynx

Lynx hiking is something not everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing. Join an experienced guide to our nine lynxes and learn more about one of the most shy predators we have in Norway.

We have got a special offet to those who wants to visit both the wolves and the lynx.

Meet mountain fox and red fox

Get a new friend and learn the fox some tricks. In the end – maybe you get a massage by the fox?

Memories that will never fade

Become a zookeeper for a day and create up close and personal experiences that will be with you forever.

Seterdag – the ultimate norwegian experience

Travel back in time, join the farm day and experience the life in the mountain as it was in the old days.
Walk with the horse and the goats up in the mountain (about 1 km) and learn about the traditional way of living with the animals in the mountains in old time.

Contact us at if you need to book for your group.

Try out our unique climbing park

Challenge yourself in our many action-packed stations! We got something for every need from zip-lines to balancing up in the trees.

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