Overnight stay possibilities

Why not spend a night or more here and join us in our daily activities in our barn during our morning- and evening rounds, as well as joining us for our guided tours. All prices in NOK.

For prices, click here: PRICES

Some information about staying here:

– You have to bring your own bedlinen/towels, or rent it here.
– All rooms have duvets and pillows.
– Extra for a room with private bathroom: 50 NOK pr person pr night.
– Bedinens and towels: 200 NOK pr set.
– Made bed: 250 NOK pr set Singelroom extra: 300 NOK pr person pr night.
Overnight stays gives you a 30% discount on our tours inside with the wolves and lynx.

As we have lots of animals, we request that you bring slippers for use indoors. Our kitchen closes at 19:30, dinner is usually served at 17:30. If you arrive later than 20:00, please call and let us know when to expect you so that we can greet you and show you your room.

Weekendprogram(not summer):

Friday: The weekend starts here at Langedrag with dinner between 17:30 – 19:30. At 20:00 we meet in our lounge for information about activities and what to expect during your stay. Questions you may have to our hosts will be answered. This is also a possibility to mingle with our other guests.
Saturday: Breakfast begins at 08:30 where you may make your lunchpack. The breakfast ends at 10:00 Dinner is served at 17:30.
Sunday: Breakfast begins at 08:30 where you may make your lunchpack. The breakfast ends at 10:00 Check out at 10:00.

During weekdays, mainly during the school holidays:

Dinner is served at 17:30. Some days we will have gather in the lounge for information and small talk, while we on other nights offer “Langedrag’s Cinema”. The program may vary due to other arrangements, such as private parties etc. Motorhomes (without electicity): 170,- pr night + entrance fee to the park. The park is open between 10-18 and can not be used out of hours. Motorhomes/Caravans can not participate in our activities for our overnight guests.


Please read more about our group offers.

Samles på Langedrag


Monday – Thursday:
Dinner at 5pm
Gathering in “peisestua” in the evening
Breakfast ca 8:30am depending on if you are on your own or on a school trip

Dinner at 5pm – 7:30pm
Gathering in “peisestua” at 8pm with animal rules, information about activities and the history of Langedrag

Breakfast ca 8:30am, where you also make your lunch
Dinner is served at 5:30pm
Gathering in “peisestua” at 7:30pm with stories about the animals

Breakfast ca 8:30am, where you also make your lunch
Check-out at 10am (if nothing else has been agreed)

Useful Information

  • You have to bring your own bed sheets and towels, but you can rent it if needed
  • Let us know in advance about any special food-needs
  • We encourage the use of indoor footwear
  • Your own indoor clothing
  • Special footwear for use inside the barn/stable like the norwegian “gummistøvel”
  • The weather can change fast, even in the summer it can get chilly

We have parking spaces for some camping vehicles, but you are unable to connect to any electricity. To park you will pay 170 NOK per night + entrance fee to the park. The park is open from 10am to 6pm, and there is no access to the park outside these times. You will also not have access to morning grooming or evening gatherings. Payment in the reception.

You cannot put up tents on the property as we have animals that roam freely that makes this problematic.

We have 6 charging stations in the parking lot. You will need a bank card or an app to operate these.

We got 2 “gapahuker”, one is on the farm by “Gåstjern” and one is about 2km up the mountain by “Rovtjern”. Both are perfect gathering spots and amazing places to spend the night.


  • Room for about 15 people around the fire pit
  • Sleeps up to 6 and comes with hooks for 3 hammocks (must bring yourself)
  • Fire pit inside and outside
  • Close neighbor to the lynx
  • Rich bird life
  • Gas BBQ and benches outside
  • Access to WC and bath in the main building when staying the night (about 350m away)


  • Room for about 30 people around the fire pit
  • Sleeps up to 18 people
  • Firepit outside
  • Excellent fishing of trout
  • Canoes are available at your own risk
  • WC outside
  • Designated area for horses and dogs
  • Only 500m walk from where the gravel road ends

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