Fishing possibilities around Langedrag?

Langedrag is located in an area excellent for a fishing trip in the mountains. With the Tunhovdfjord below the farm and many good fishing lakes in the mountains right behind the farm, the possibilities are endless. 

Fishing with a rod can take place from January 1st to August 20th, in some places this is extended to September 10th. 

From the farm it is only 1.5 kilometers to Langedrag’s own regulated water, Rovtjern, where trout are released every year to maintain a good stock. A license card to fish in this water costs 50 NOK per day and can be bought in the shop on the farm. 

North of the farm is Nes Normark and Nes Sørmark, license to fish for both can be bought in the shop and cards of different number of days are sold. Both areas have good trout waters. Trout are the dominant species in these areas, but char and whitefish are also found in several lakes. 

The terrain north of the farm is hilly, but is characterized by some marshes, so it may be appropriate to follow marked paths. Other great fishing lakes nearby are from half an hour to an hour’s walk from the farm, rubber boots or good hiking boots are recommended. 

Tunhovdfjorden is also a favorite fishing area, but perhaps especially in winter when ice fishing is at its peak, many are willing to travel far to fish on Tunhovdisen. Fishing licenses can be purchased, and fishing spots are recommended on the farm or in the convenience store at Tunhovd or Øygardsgrend. These shops know the local areas well and sell suitable bait and other fishing equipment. 

Langedrag recommends Øyvann, central and upper Grågalttjern in addition to Rovtjern for rod fishing and Tunhovdfjorden and Buvann for ice fishing. 

Ask in the shop or at the Langedrags office for maps or other tips for your trip. We also have a limited selection of fishing equipment suitable for this area for sale. 

“Skitt fiske” – Norwegian saying