Here comes summer – Langedrag is blossoming!

The summer here at Langedrag is creeping closer and closer, and we have a whole lot in store for nature-loving people of all ages. Let us give you a look into what will happen and has happened!

Animal babies of all sorts
The spring and early summer is the time when everyone here at Langedrag are full of excitement to see when/if we get some new additions to our big animal family. After a long and cold winter and spring, the warmth is finally coming up here as well. Something our four-legged friends here at the farm are also happy about when their new offspring are born.

  • Lynxbabies
    It is expected that the lynx “Ingrid” will be having babies soon, We are all waiting with excitement, and will of course share the news with you when it breaks. Stay tuned!
  • Wolfpuppies
    We have, or more precisely, “Sigyn” has given birth to 3 cute puppies! Their development will be followed closely this summer. You might be lucky to see the puppies if you visit us!
  • Moose calves
    Our 2 new moose calves, “Selje” & “Or”, are as curious about the world as we are of their personalities that they will develop. Stop by and get to see them yourselves!

There is always something happening here at Langedrag, and our big family welcomes you with open arms, or hooves, or paws…


Riding Camp
We have spots available for those who wants to join an educational experience on the horseback. Track riding, elementary riding lessons, jumping and dressage are just some of the things that you will experience. So hold on to your saddle!  Read more here

Grandparent Camp
What about giving your grandchildren a week full of adventure as a gift? And share that gift with them? Join our Grandparent Camp at Langedrag Naturepark, where we have a lot of exciting activities that fits everyone. Read more here

Animal and Outdoors Camp
This camp will give you an experience for life! Get up close and personal with wolves and lynx, make new friends with foxes, goats, reindeer and moose! You will also get a horse ride almost every day, together with learning about how to understand and enjoy nature and it´s resources. You will also get to enjoy an action packed climbing park and a whole lot of relaxing by the fireplace. Read more here

Dog and Outdoors Camp (few places left) 
In our Dog and Outdoors Camp at Langedrag Naturepark, you will learn how to train and take care of the dogs by a professional “Musher”. You will get your own personal dog to look after the whole week, going on overnight stays, trips in the mountain, dog sled rides and lot´s more!  Read more here

Did you know?

Sunscreen and pigs – that does´nt go together does it? It does actually! And not just a little sunscreen, a few liters to say the least! If you arrive here at Langedrag at the right time and get to see us rubbing in the pigs, just ask us and we will let you join in!

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