Experiences that leaves a trace in your heart.

Langedrag is situated 1000 m.a.s.l and lies like a castle from the old norwegian folktales in the mountains. With a spectacular view it is almost magical. Edvin K. Thorson with his family wanted to fullfil their dream of building a farm where people could experice warm and close encounters with animals and nature. The building started in 1978 and the dream came true.

Edvin was also the founder of the E.K.T string vest and E.K.T Ridingschool in Oslo. Both were founded on the philosophy “The best teacher is nature”.

On our farm yard our visitors can get close to our many farmanimals, who loves cuddles and attention. You may also walk around the park and study wild animals such as wolves, lynx, artic fox, wild boar, moose, yak and reindeer. “Awe for life” is not just a motto, but a way of life for us.

Langedrag is a naturepark with around 300 different animals from 20 different species. As a mountainfarm, it has its own dairy where milk and cheese are produced, as well as school camp where children from all over Norway come to spend a week, learning about animals and nature, as well as traditional Norwegian farmlife. Langedrag is also open for overnight stay, visitors. baptism, weddings and other milestones as well as parties. During the summer we arrange riding camp, family camp, seterday and lots of other activities.

Langedrag is open for overnight stay all year round. We welcome you to partake in our life with us!

Eulogy over Eva Sylvia Thorson og Edvin Thorson:

Eva Thorson put her loving mark over Langedrag. More so than most thought. She was a natural housewife and hostess, full of charm and grace and kindness and she welcomed all with an open heart, joy and geniune interest in others.Eva is dearly missed.

Edvin Kjell Thorson legacy is Langedrag. He was the Chieftain and a gründer as well. Langedrag will continue in his spirit, and new history shall be made and stories shall be told. Edvin is dearly missed.


We offer special group prices for groups larger than 20 pax. We have room for 120 pax to stay the night and most of our activities are nice group activities.

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